Local choirs entertain Crown Center visitors during the springtime and holiday season. The 2014 spring schedule is listed below. Please call 816-274-7251 for more information or to schedule your group to perform.

Monday, April 14

5:00 pm- Holy Name Catholic School

Tuesday, April 15

10:00 am- Bonner Springs Elementary
10:45 am- Brookridge Day School
1:00 pm- Mize Elementary
1:45 pm- Eagle Heights Christian School

Wednesday, April 16

10:00 am- West Platte Elementary
10:45 am- Antioch Middle School

Thursday, April 17

10:45 am- Grand Star Elementary
1:00 pm- Crestview Elementary
1:45 pm- St. Stephen's Baptist Church
6:30 pm- Haskins Vocal Studio
7:15 pm- Paxton Elementary

Friday, April 18

10:00 am- Lakeview 7th Grade Choir
10:45 am- Monticello Trails Middle School
1:00 pm- Blue Valley Middle School
1:45 pm- Pioneer Ridge Middle School
8:00 pm- Kansas City Boys/Girls Choir

Monday, April 21

10:45 am- Anthony Vocal-motion Choir
1:00 pm- St. Paul's Episcopal Day School

Tuesday, April 22


10:45 am- DeSoto High School
1:45 pm- Sacred Heart of Jesus

Wednesday, April 23

10:00 am- Longview Farm
10:45 am- Madison Elementary
1:00 pm- Shawnee Mission East H.S.
1:45 pm- Maranatha Academy 4th - 6th Grade
5:00 pm- Summit Christian Academy

Thursday, April 24

10:00 am- Lansing Elementary
10:45 am- Rosehill Elementary
1:00 pm- Central Elementary
1:45 pm- St. Charles
6:30 pm- St. Paul's Honor Choir
7:15 pm- Turner 6th Grade Academy

Friday, April 25

10:00 am- Smith Hale Middle School
10:45 am- Congress Middle School
1:00 pm- Blue Ridge Christian School
1:45 pm- Deleware Ridge Elementary
5:45 pm- Clardy Elementary
6:30 pm- Trilogy Cultural Arts Center
7:15 pm- Christa McAuliffe Elementary
8:00 pm- KCK Harp Ensemble/Flute Choir