The Emile Henry Pie Dish

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    Function Junction

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    Sep 22 – Oct 31

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Function Junction has everything you need to make the perfect pie this season.  See our selection of pie dishes, pastry mats, pastry cutters, sifters, pie toppers, carriers, pie weights, servers, and pie crust protectors.

The Emile Henry Pie Dish

SPECIAL $39.99!     Reg. $49.97

A perfect homemade pie needs to be cooked slowly and evenly without drying out and the secret to a flawless pie is our HR ceramic®.  The beauty and performance of Emile Henry's iconic pie dish elevates pie baking from ordinary to extraordinary as it insulates and evenly distributes heat during baking. The gracefully ruffled edge on the dish is inspired by vintage French bakeware and simplifies cutting and removing a tidy portion. The result - a feast for both the eyes and the palate. Great for baking classic apple pie, tart key lime or savory quiches and potpies. Bring a piece of iconic French bakeware into your kitchen with an Emile Henry Pie Dish from Function Junction.